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Axek Efremov


Apologies for the explosion of selfies, but I just wanted to get something off my chest.

So for anyone who follows me on both Instagram, Tumblr and knows me on Facebook, I enjoy taking photos of my face and now I know there’s that big popular trope of mocking selfies and describing them as a toxic sign of the young generations narcissisms. 

I’ve had consistently complicated relationship with my face and body, issues with feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and awkward amongst peers (I have this immensely weird thing about how I walk and I am constantly, constantly fixing my hair.), I know I may not be the buffest or skinniest guy and although it would be nice to get into shape, I don’t think a six pack is ever gonna be on the cards, and honestly I’m kinda tired of feeling upset about this inferiority complex based on my looks.

So I’m in the mood to tell er.. anyone who’s reading this, fuck that.
Because I have had a cesspit of a year and find selfies to one of the very few rays of sunshine in my otherwise cloudy summer, taking a picture to remind myself that I am only 21, I still have a youthful face (and I mean that in the existential: life is ahead of me sense, not the whole: at least I don’t have crows feet,sense.) and despite having a bit of lame, hectic and downright lethargic life (at the moment, only at the moment, it will pass.) there is still so much time for me to do stuff and I am immensely excited to make the rest of 2014 and the future in general, my trophy.

Apologies for the cheesiest text post you’ve ever seen, usual cynical and self-deprecating humour will commence soon after this abnormal post.

You go Matt

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